Sial Scientific Company (SSC) is situated in Islamabad since Nov 2013, other companies have no facilities like 24 hours service between customers and proprietor. Since inauguration of the said company in Islamabad in 2013, SSC was achieving the tasks regarding his product to promote the company in the market.

Initially, it was observed that various company deployed in the market were not fully aware of procedures and their responsibilities. Over a period of time under rudimentary standing operating procedures of the Company have evolved an effective/suitable system for their products.

Sial Scientific Company strategy consists of many elements i.e. our business, our employees, our giving etc. Each is inextricably linked with our operations and with each other. We are also aligned with our values i.e. Integrity, Intensity, Innovation and Involvement. Our commitment to strength between customer’s and our company’s culture and inform our day-to-day decision making

Our sustainable business practices are a key part of our commitment to our Mission. We strive to supply products that meet customer needs and set hygiene products to end user standards, while remaining an environmentally responsible business, focused on operational excellence.

Our commitment to being an employer of choice in the global talent marketplace means investing in ongoing opportunities for employees to continuously learn and develop in a diverse, inclusive, safe and productive workplace.

We serve the communities in which we live and work by providing not just financial support to causes that align with our Mission, but by lending our expertise through hands-on service programs and involving our employees so they can make a difference.

Our Goal is always 100% Customers Satisfaction & our mission do good for others and do well for your self. Clients are most valuable to us, Keeping this in mind, we will go on with to serve and move you for the next hundred years.