Macklin Chemical China: Leading supplier of laboratory chemicals and materials.

Catering to diverse industries: Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, research institutions, academia.

Comprehensive catalog: Chemicals, reagents, laboratory supplies sourced globally.

Commitment to quality and reliability.

Efficient distribution networks.

Excellent customer service.

Trusted partner for scientists and researchers in China and beyond.

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Established in 2002, International Laboratory (IL) has expanded to become a leading chemical supplier in the United States. Our mission is to serve as a single source for elusive research chemicals and laboratory chemicals.

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RayBiotech stands out as a premier life sciences company, specializing in proteomic discovery tools. It is dedicated to propelling customer achievements forward through innovative solutions and leadership in Life Sciences. Read More

Icon Chemical is designed to meet the needs of customers by offering high-quality laboratory reagents and chemicals for various industries.

Laboratory Reagents: High-quality reagents for various laboratory applications. Chemicals for Industrial Use: Trusted chemicals tailored for pharmaceutical, chemical, healthcare, and food industries. Custom Solutions: Ability to prepare and provide chemicals and reagents not listed on the website. Comprehensive Product Range: From basic chemicals to specialized reagents, catering to diverse laboratory needs. Quality Assurance: Rigorous quality control measures ensure consistent and exact product quality. Read More